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Monday, June 29, 2009

Sims Lake Park in Suwannee GA


Sims Lake Park is a beautiful well maintained park nesteld off of Suwanne Dam road.It has to be by far one of the nicest and cleanest public parks I have seen in quite sometime...Hat's off to the upkeepers of this recreational area.There was a nice playground area for the children.And it is a pet friendly park they just ask that you clean up after your dogs...(shouldn't even have to be asked).
The park also has a nice hiking trail encompassing the lake.with various scenic areas along the way.Plenty of rest benches throughout the hike also.There was one feature that especially caught my attention which was a water feature with a zen like feel along the trail.

This was a very relaxing place for me great to just get away and listen to the voices of nature talking..that is my wife in the upper picture

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As we continued our walk around the lake at Sims Lake Park we were exhilerated by several great views of the lake itself which has a great fountain in the middle.Even though fishing and swimming are not permitted at the lake you are only a shor distance from the chattahoochee river and buford dam.Where you can do some excellent troutt fishing as well as splash in the water(if you can stand the temperature)

In a nutshell just about everywhere i turned in this park I was able to get great shots of nature.The over all cleanliness of the park and restroom facilities make it much worth the drive.I would highly recommend this park to all ny friends and family..But I would love to hear from you also.Please post comments on your experience at Sims Lake Park,or even other parks and adventures.I am going to leave this post with some more pics from Sims Lake Park.

hope you enjoy....

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Rivers Are Running

Now that the rivers are running strong,where areyou? Do you have your paddles in the water?If not now would be the perfect time to start planning that trip. whether you enjoy the calm serenity of a peaceful lake or the ragin whitewater of a mountain river,it's about that time for everyone.

A nice calm paddle across a glass finished lake is always a good way to put your mind at ease,its great if you like to fish also


And then there's the adrenaline pumping heart racing quick thinking of the whitewater junkies that flock to rivers when they are the fullest and most powerful.The world of whitewater kayaking can be a very dangerous one,but a very rewarding one also if you are trained properly and always be sure to have the correct safety equipment.We will talk about some of this equipment,why you need it and where you can get it in upcoming post so please be sure you stay tuned for that

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nature close to home

In previous post we talked about finding parks if you lived in a metropolitan area.Well I did just that yesterday. I packed up my son and we went out for asmall close to home outing.What we found was a great leisure time,to enjoy with one another.If you are in the Metro Atlanta area this is a pretty nice park to visit it is also pet friendly.

As we walked the path there was nature abound everywhere,from the plants blooming,the squirells playing,or the fish swimming in the pond..

We also spent a little time picking up some trash left by some other careless person,Who does not realize the drastic effects of their careless actions.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Great Outdoor Adventurers

First off I would like to say hello fellow nature lovers and welcome to my tribute to Nature Wide Open.If there is any one thing that we can universaly agree on,it would probably be the sheer beauty of what nature has to offer us. Whether you enjoy a rugged mountain hike,an afternoon trek to a mystical waterfall, or a mesmerizing night under the stars,Nature has something to offer all of us and it is a universal language we can all understand.
No matter what geographic location you are located in you can find a hidden treasure of nature if you just open your eyes and look around..Are you located in a major metropolitan area? If so no worries,just do a city search and i'm sure you will find a city park that is abound with nature..
I will share some great destinations that I have found in my journeys in later posts.And hope to hear about some of your great adventures also.Remember in order to continue enjoying what we love we must also put forth some kind of conservation efforts also, if you pack it in, pack it out is one of my favorites....
Until next time keep your footing sure and your paddles in the water and enjoy what has been giving to you....

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