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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Lost Sea Adventure

This was a very difficult place to document with pictures due to the darkness in the caves but i do think we were able to come out with a few shots

The main entrance

The Lost sea is listed in the Guinness book of world records as "america's largest underground lake". The Lake in located deep inside Craighead caverns,which are named after the Cherokee indian chief who,at one time owned the cave and may have actually discovered the natural entrance.This was an enjoyable day for my family,lots of interesting history here.There was actually a cat skeleton found in the cave,That upon further research was determined to be a prehistoric jaguar.The Largest underground lake in the country is located in the cave which you are able to take a ride around ina glass bottom boat..The lake is stocked with some of the largest rainbow troutt I think I have ever seen.It is said that due to the absense of light that the fish lose their color and site.I was not able to get any good pics of the lake unfortunately.But I promise it IS there,Even though the water level seems to be dropping,uncovering new caverns not yet fully explored.You can do a normal cavern tour and lake ride,or you can do the extreme wild tour and actually do some spelunking through the nooks and crannies.You can get more info at http://www.thelostsea.com/

This one speaks for itself That troutt is HUGE

Here are some various pics from our trip to the lost sea adventure

hope you enjoy

The tunnel leading into the cave looks like a prop froma bad sci fi movie

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The Cave is actually broken into several rooms or caverns.some of which are so large you could fit a two story building in..SO no need to worry about calustrophobia..There is plenty of room to move around in unless of course you choose the wild tour which you can out more at http://www.thelostsea.com/

Outside the caves at The Lost City

ye old wishing well The Blacksmith shop tools inside the shop

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more to come having to edit more pics of the caves due to the lighting

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